“Memphis is similar to Ziyech, who suffered ball loss too often with Ajax.”

Memphis Depay plays in the Dutch team as Hakim Ziyech did at Ajax. That says Rinus Israël, who wants to make it clear to the Orange attack leader that he suffers ball loss too often.
Memphis poses a lot of risk in his game and sometimes it doesn‘t work well. Iron Rinus thinks it should be better. For the good player he is, he suffers too much ball loss against Ukraine, he says in De Cceit. That wasn’t deadly right now, but it‘s when you play against France. If you lose the ball in the midfield so many times, it will be punished hard.
Israel would find it a good idea if the attacker looks at how Ziyech made a switch at Ajax. That’
s what he looks like. Ziyech also suffered too much ball loss in his first year at Ajax and became more important when he started playing on the flank. If an action failed, there were plenty of players left between him and the goal. But let it be clear: When Memphis is played, he can do great things.
Next season, Depay will probably be playing at FC Barcelona. His contract with Olympique Lyon will expire in two weeks and rumors of a transfer to Catalonia are getting more and more persistent.