Memphis: ‘People must have scolded me, I understand that’

His late hit in the Nations League match with Wales (3-2) feels like a rematch for Memphis Depay. In the previous match, he was still the schlemiel of the Orange by missing a penalty against Poland (2-2).
Memphis has not been well in the last few days. โ€œGreat to end the season like this,โ€ he says at DecceIt. โ€œTwo days ago, I was busted like a plug in the locker room, but now the ball comes at my feet and I shoot it in.โ€
โ€œNow I am suddenly the match winner, and that should have been the case against Poland. Unfortunately, that cant always be the case. There must be people who scolded me two days ago. And I understand that too, because I scolded myself, too. But today everyone is happy and everyone goes home happy.โ€
Afterwards, Memphis whispered in the ear of national coach Louis van Gaal. What exactly? โ€œBefore he switched me, he said to me: Make me one! So then I went to him afterwards and I said, โ€œHere, this one is for you.โ€

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โ€” Our Orange (@OnsOranje) June 14, 2022