Memphis praises and laughs at Weghorst: ‘Whimpering him in, then crying again, hahaha’

Memphis Depay was the foundation of Wout Weghorsts first international goal and enjoyed the joyful explosion of his colleague. During the last two practice matches, the attackers of Olympique Lyon and VfL Wolfsburg formed the spike duo and seem to be more responsive to each other.
After the match against Georgia, Weghorst already announced that during the training sessions he had already consulted with Memphis, the assistant man. This endorses this in conversation with DeccEit. โ€œAlso a few moments in the match for this (against Scotland, red.). And exactly was we had in our heads, that succeeded today (Sunday, red. )โ€, describes Memphis. โ€œHappy for him, he howls him well inside.โ€
The leader of Oranje can laugh at his own pun: that Weghorst was totally raptured after his hit, was also not escaped Memphis. โ€œThen I think he was crying, too, haha. No, Wout and I have a lot of contact, even outside of football. I am proud of him, I hope that he can keep going and you can see that he has all the Netherlands behind him.โ€
By the way, a system with two attackers is not preferred by Memphis. โ€œI have always indicated: I prefer to be at the centre of rush hour. I keep saying that, but despite that, I adapt to the systems that are chosen and best for the team. The team goes ahead, but striker is my preference. And it stays that way.โ€