Memphis prevents in final stage defeat for Orange after disappointing match

The Dutch team played against Scotland on Wednesday evening in the run-up to the European Championships. Oranje did not stand out defensively, so the formation of Frank de Boer had to take two counterhits. Memphis Depay managed to avoid defeat in the final phase.
Oranje took the initiative from the start of the match: De Boer‘s team had a lot of the ball in the first minutes, while Scotland’s players fell back. Yet it was the Scots who made the first goal of the match: Jack Hendry took advantage of gun in the Dutch construction, allowing him to shoot the 0-1 against the ropes.

Phew! A setback for Orange. Scotland comes early on 1-0 head start. #nedsco
โ€”CCEit Football (@ CCEitFootball) June 2, 2021

Not long after Scotland‘s early opening hit, however, the Dutch team made the equalizer again. Georginio Wijnaldum headed the ball well back at Memphis Depay, after a long pass by Jurriรซn Timber. Memphis then popped the ball out of a volley nice touch: 1-1.

Orange responds quickly! Memphis shoots the Netherlands at equal height: 1-1. #nedsco
โ€”CCEit Football (@ CCEitFootball) June 2, 2021

Not long after the equalizer, the first switches took place at Oranje. Fixed forces Wijnaldum and Frenkie de Jong left the field, because according to De Boer the two are not yet fully taxable. However, the absence of De Jong and Wijnaldum did not cause Orange to play less: for rest a number of good opportunities were created. However, the 1-1 stand was still on the board at rest.
In the second half the pace of Orange at the ball was low. It was punished by Scotland in the 63th minute: the newly invaded Kevin Nisbet made the 1-2 on behalf of Scotland with his first ball contact of the match. Orange’
s defense didn‘t look good with that hit either.

Scotland is coming back to the head start. Invaller Nisbet is less than five minutes in the field when he gets into the 2-1. #NEDSCO
โ€”CCEit Football (@ CCEitFootball) June 2, 2021

In the remainder of the competition, the Dutch team still got a number of opportunities. In extremis, Memphis made the equalizer out of a free kick, so Orange doesn’t lose to Scotland. On Sunday the Netherlands will have the chance to win another duel before the European Championship starts: the show off against Georgia will be on the programme.

What a lovely free kick! Memphis makes his second and puts Orange in the final phase on 2-2. #NEDSCO
โ€”CCEit Football (@ CCEitFootball) June 2, 2021