‘Mendy (Man City) gets surprised: no VIP cell while staying in prison’

Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City defender, is accused of four attempts at rape and sexual abuse of three people and await his trial in prison. He expected a VIP cell there, but he didn‘t get it to his surprise.
The Sun, an English boulevard newspaper, writes that French City-back was shocked by an accident when he was told he would not receive special treatment. He was told he would be in a VIP block, but it turned out to be a VP block (Vulnerable Prisoners). There are mostly prisoners suspected of sexual crimes.
A source tells the newspaper that Mendy was unenjoyed. โ€œIt was a real blow to him when he saw who he was going to share his department with after entering the prison. To say the least, he wasn’
t happy about that. A sobering experience, it was certainly for him.โ€
Since Friday, Mendy has been in custody. City has already suspended him and now the wingdefender has to wait and see what will be said in his lawsuit. The next session is scheduled for September 10. In 2017, The Citizens paid another 60 million euros for the Frenchman, who then became the most expensive defender in the world.