Mental coach in the Kitchen Champion Division: Hes been helping me since my Ajax time

Norbert Alblas, the goalkeeper of NEC, got help from a mental coach after he made a number of painfully wrong in the past games. The 27-year-old Amstelvener blundered twice during the 5-2 defeat at Telstar.

Also in the match that followed, a home match that NEC won 3-2 from Excelsior, Alblas went wrong at a goal. That‘s what the goalie did, because he started to worry. โ€œAnd then what happened to Telstar happens to me,โ€ he says to de Gelderlander. โ€œIt’s pretty hard to deal with that. If you stick around in what happened, it will affect your next game.โ€
With the help of a mental coach, the goalkeeper, who managed to keep his goal clean against Cambuur (0-0), came back on top. Peter den Otter, the goalkeeper trainer of RKC Waalwijk, is the one who supports Alblas. โ€œHe‘s been helping me since my time at Ajax. He’s also been a goalie, and he knows exactly what I‘m going through. He says the right things to me, and after Telstar-out, he said, โ€œLook what you’ve been through. And then after one game in Velsen-Zuid, you leave your head hanging? Come on.โ€
This helped the goalkeeper in the match against Cambuur, making NEC in sixth place in the Kitchen Champion Division. On Thursday, the team of trainer Rogier Meijer will play a cup match against Fortuna Sittard.