Mercedes is going to negotiate with Lewis Hamilton in a few days

Team boss Toto Wolff of Mercedes will start negotiations with Lewis Hamilton in a few days on a contract for next year. The current commitment between the German racing stable and the British driver, who won his seventh world title in Turkey on Sunday, will soon end.

โ€œ We‘re flying back home now with Lewis’s seventh world title in your pocket, so you can‘t talk about a contract. That would not do justice to his performance,โ€ Wolff said. โ€œWe’ll give it a few days and then we‘ll talk about it.โ€

There is no doubt that Hamilton will be driving for Mercedes in Formula One next year. โ€œThat deal will come, no doubt,โ€ said the British after winning the championship in Istanbul Park in style. โ€œI wanted to get the title first and then talk about contract extension. That job has been done and there will be some room to talk in the coming weeks.โ€

Matter of time

With seven world titles, Hamilton now shares the record with Michael Schumacher. He can also outdo the German in that area next year. โ€œLewis has now become even more expensive,โ€ Wolff said with a wink. โ€œOur relationship goes so much beyond the business side, it is based on friendship, on trust. We both don’t like the day we start negotiating. That‘s the only time when we don’t have the same interests. The best deal is if both sides are not completely satisfied.โ€

According to Wolff, it‘s only a matter of time until the signatures are signed. โ€œBut I’m not going to put pressure on it by saying that we want to announce the new contract before the race in Bahrain or in Abu Dhabi. When it‘s round, it’s round.โ€

The Austrian team boss himself alluded to a longer stay at Mercedes. Rumor was that Wolff was going to quit. โ€œLewis loves racing and the competition, just like the team and I. So I can see us going on for another year. And after that, we have these tremendously challenging changes to the rules for 2022.โ€