Merkel gives 5 May lecture years later, but via a video connection

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hosting the annual May 5 lecture this afternoon, which marks the start of the national celebration of Liberation Day. Because of the coronavirus, she will not be present at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague where demissionary Prime Minister Rutte belongs to her with students, but will speak via a video link from Berlin.

The speech of Merkel can be followed directly at DeccEit from noon onwards: on NPO 1 and a livestream and Decceit app.

Merkel was supposed to give the lecture last year, but because of the pandemic her performance was not going on. After her speech, she talks with the students about the meaning of freedom. Rutte also participates in the discussion.

The German Chancellor has been asked because, according to the National Committee on 4 and 5 May, she is ‘full of history and has been committed to peace, freedom and stability in Europe’ for many years.

Earlier the lecture was given by writer and scientist Rosanne Hertzberger, actor Nasrdin Dchar and (then) Prince Willem-Alexander. In 2012, German President Joachim Gauck spoke speech.

After the lecture and discussion, Prime Minister Rutte will light the Liberation Fire around 13.00 p.m., the official start for all (online) activities on 5 May.