‘Messi agrees to pay reduction of 50%, Barcelona presents plan’

FC Barcelona wants to continue longer with Lionel Messi and has started talks about an extension. The club wants to bind him as a player in the coming years, then as ambassador and director.
This is reported by Catalan media, including TV3 and RAC1. There has recently been a first talk between President Joan Laporta and Messi‘s father. Messi himself wasn’t in there. The conversation ended positively, according to TV3. Whether Messi will extend depends only on his wishes, but also on the possibilities of Barcelona. Only in May it will be clear how the Catalan club stands financially. Then the result of the four audits that the club has carried out will be announced.
In any case, the Barcelona plan is clear. Messi is reportedly open to a new long-term commitment with Barcelona. According to TV3, a contract has been built up in three phases. Barcelona hopes that Messi will continue to play at the club for two more years, until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After that, he could pursue his dream of ending his career in America. According to Catalan media, that‘s what they have to do at Inter Miami FC, David Beckham’s club. Messi could become ambassador to Barcelona at the same time. And after the American adventure (phase 3) Messi could return to Barcelona as director.
In addition, Messi would agree to the condition of reducing his salary by 50% from next year. In this way, Barcelona can finance a new Messi deal and attract a top player. Erling Haaland is called. The future of Messi will soon be discussed again.