Metacritic named the worst new series of 2021

Metacritic aggregator continues to collect the main successes and failures of 2021. And now it is the turn of new series, whose ratings were record low. The list of the worst was the series that premiered in the United States this year.

It should be noted that only those that received at least four reviews from professional critics hit the top ten, so these are rather the worst of the high-profile projects. Alter Ego (Fox) โ€” 34; Cooking with Paris (Netflix) โ€” 34; โ€œWhats up Brittany Murphy? (HBO) โ€”37; Guilty Party (HBO) โ€”38; Colton Coming Out (Netflix) โ€”40; Call Me Kat (FOX) โ€”41; Wahl Street (HBO )โ€” 42; Tiger King: The Doc Entle Story (Netflix) โ€” 42; โ€œSex Animalsโ€ (Netflix) โ€” 42; โ€œCall Your Motherโ€ (ABC) โ€” 44.

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