Metal fanatic turns skeleton from uncle to guitar

Heavy metal youtuber Prince Midnight has transformed the skeleton of his late uncle Filip into an electric guitar, reports music medium Guitarworld. The uncle who died in Greece in the 90s had initially donated his body to the local school there.

Twenty years later, the body ended up in a cemetery. ,, And then you have to keep paying the rent for the spot. The Orthodox faith in Greece does not allow you to be cremated,โ€ says Midnight. For that reason the metal fanatic decided to bring the remains of his uncle‘s body to Florida.

, So I had that box of bones from Greece, but I had no idea what to do with it. Buried? Cremate? Keep it in the attic? A bit of a shame to commemorate the person who inspired me to immerse me in heavy metal in that wayโ€, says Midnight. So, according to him, there was only one way left to honor his uncle appropriately: turn him into an electric guitar.

That turned out to be quite a job. During his extensive research into how to make this possible, Midnight contacted two people from Dean Guitars in Florida, who eventually dismissed the special project. So the metal fan had to get it done on his own. According to him, the biggest challenge in this whole process was to make it possible for the instrument to be able to play it. , โ€œHe’s doing fine nowโ€, he adds.

Still present

The fact that Prince Midnight has been able to honor Uncle Filip in this way does him well. ,, I believe that part of my uncle is still present. Both literally and figuratively. A warm presence that might be enjoying his new life as a metal guitar.โ€