Metal Slug series returns: Metal Slug Tactics announced

Publishing house Dotemu announced during the Summer Game Fest event that studio SNK was working on a new game from the Metal Slug series. And this time the players are not waiting for a crazy action, but a thoughtful strategy with elements of role-playing games and bagalica. In Metal Slug Tactics return well-known heroes, Marco, Erie, Phyo and Tarma.

But now theyll have their own skill trees and perks. And on the battlefield they will be able to accumulate adrenaline to carry out a powerful decisive attack and destroy armies of famous villains series.

The path to victory will not be easy, but each death will open the team new possibilities: weapons, perks, and most importantly, experience. And with procedural level generation, this process will also be replayable.

Metal Slug Tactics does not yet have a release date, but the Steam game will be released. More on CCeit About the beginning of pre-orders Kitaria Fables announced in three trailers For the Sea of Craft edition took Green Man Gaming Publishing Llamas, chickens, cows and rabbits in addition โ€œThe Sims 4 Country Lifeโ€.