Metre high lava flow destroys last buildings in La Palma village

Part of the Cumbre Vieja volcano chain on the Canary island of La Palma collapsed on Saturday. Giant lava skirts come down. The lava flow is also high in some places, reports the Spanish Institute of Geology and Mining.

The collapse of the north side of the crater has loosened large chunks. These come down with the lava flow. The Ministry of National Security tweeted that.

The lava flow has destroyed the very last buildings in the village of Todoque. The area had already been evacuated. There were also new earthquakes on Sunday. The volcanic institute for the Canary Islands, Involcan, posted photos on Twitter showing the new red lava flows clearly.

The eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano began on September 19 and has since destroyed more than 1200 buildings. About 6,000 inhabitants of La Palma, out of a population of about 83,000, had to leave their homes.

The government has previously provided aid worth EUR 10.5 million. That amount served for immediate assistance to people who had lost their homes.