Metro authors: Exodus told about shooter reissue and retracing

Yesterday 4A Games introduced the nextgen version of Metro: Exodus for PS5, Xbox Series and PC, and now the developers have given interviews and told a little more about the details of the reissue. For example, now โ€œExodusโ€ works and looks approximately the same on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Something may still change to the release, but in general both consoles are quite powerful and allow developers to implement retracing together with 4K at 60 FPS.

Also, the Metro team refuses to compare the capabilities of ray tracing on consoles with the new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards โ€” RTX 3000 series in โ€œanother league& raquo; on the performance of the reatrasing. AMD solutions on the trace part have their own characteristics, they are hybrid and more โ€œflexibleโ€.

Over time, developers will learn to work with them much better. At the same time, on consoles you can already implement some unique features such as custom traversal, ray-caching and direct access to leaf triangles BLAS (BLAS leaf triangles).

On PC, this is impossible now. In the future, games, according to the representative of 4A Games, will become much more likely to use ray tracing.

But not just for graphics โ€” also for sound, artificial intelligence vision or explosions. The studio is already working on implementing something from that list.

Touching Xbox Series S, the representative of 4A Games was asked about concerns about RAM – it is smaller and it is slower than on Xbox Series X. Now in the studio, it turns out, is concerned video chip performance.

Now the engine is sharpened under 4K resolution with reconstruction, but to work with a lower resolution, and in the case of Series S it is about 1080p, there is a bunch of problem. Developers have not yet managed to resolve them.

An improved version of Metro: Exodus for RS will be released in the spring – to launch you will need a video card with ray tracing. And before the end of the year, the shooter will be released on new consoles.

All upgrades are free for current shooter owners. If we talk about improvements to the reissue, then the consoles will not have only advanced reflections through retracing and DLSS 2.

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