Metroid Dread was greeted very warmly by critics โ€” in front of us the best part of the series?

Journalists around the world shared their impressions of Metroid Dread. And in short, its all very well: on Metacritic, the game has a score of 88 out of 100 based on 48 reviews, of which only 3 are โ€œmixed. โ€ Screen Rant, calling the action a true live classic, with the perfect combination of exploration, battle, puzzle solving and โ€œtouch of historyโ€, Trusted Reviews, VGC and Nintendo Life journalists delivered โ€œ10 out of 10โ€ novelty.

In the latter case, it is said that Dread is the triumphant return of both Samus and the MercurySteam developers already working on Samus Returns. And it plays out better than, as the author writes, anything else in the series.

And yes, Metroid Dread is called the best part of the franchise. If you turn to critical voices, the lowest score โ€” 70 out of 100 โ€” was given by Metroid Dread by GamesRadar+, Launcher and Digitally Downloaded.

In the first case, boss fights (โ€œcausing frustrationโ€) were disliked, in the second game simply called โ€œgood metroidvaniaโ€, but the last author spoke in more detail. notes the excellent design of Metroid Dread, but at the same time believes that the formula of the series needs to be updated, and much more extensive.

As a reminder, Metroid Dread will be released on October 8 only on Nintendo Switch. More on Gamermania GTA trilogy reissue logos and achievement icons The first Far Cry 6 reviews praise for spirit, but scolded for self-repetition S.

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