Metroidvania Beacon Pines Nearly Reaches Target on Kickstarter

Less than a week ago, independent studio Hiding Spot took out its cute metroid Beacon Pines on Kickstarter. And the game immediately fell to its liking: at the moment almost all the required amount of 30 thousand dollars is collected. According to the story the world of Beacon Pines is crumbling, but only our protagonist and his friends notice it.

And only on the players depends whether the residents of the city will be able to survive the summer. The unusual game is that the city of Beacon Pines is in the book.

And we simultaneously read this book and live the whole story with Luke and his friends. During the study of the world, we extract artefact-words, and then use them to change history, choose a further path or just make friends.

During the Steam-Festival until February 9 is available demo of the game. And the Beacon Pines campaign on Kickstarter will end in 26 days.

The authors of the game are already thinking through additional goals. More on CCeit Blizzard published World of Warcraft soundtrack on Spotify In Mass Effect Andromeda few new races due to cosplayers and budget Authors The Medium are already working on a new project.