Metroidvania Lost Ruins is released on PC on May 13

South Korean studio Altari Games and publishing house Dangen Entertainment have announced the premiere date for the two-dimensional sidesroller metroid Lost Ruins. On RS, the game will be released on May 13, and by the end of the year will appear on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. Action Lost Ruins unfolds in a strange, dark and very dangerous place.

Our heroine has lost her memory and does not know how she ended up here. To get out, she needs not only to explore the ruins, but also defeat a lot of dangerous enemies and insidious bosses.

Fortunately, the encountered enchantess will tell her how to do it. The feature of Lost Ruins is in the active use of the environment and multi-variant passage.

Choosing skills and equipment, from the heroine you can make both a fighter, a magician or a warrior of a ranged fight. And you can fight not only with weapons, but also magic and even potions.

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