‘Meulensteen wants to go to Willem II and points out obstinate RKC to oral agreements’

Melle Meulensteen cannot be talked about RKC Waalwijks course of action. The captain of the Yellow Blue would like to go to William II, which already made an offer, but RKC stands for that.
Meulensteen still has a contract until mid-2024 in Waalwijk and RKC is asking for a high amount for its central defender. The camp around the stopper does not agree, De Cceit writes. They invoke oral agreements with the club.
When Meulensteen last extended his contract, he was told that the Waalwijkers would cooperate if there was a nice club where the Manchester United trained defender would want to go to in order to improve themselves. Meulensteen and his entourage think that is the case now, but RKC does not want to be in the sea with regional fellow William II.
Two Tilburg offers have already been swiped off the table and there will be no further talk for the time being. Soon Meulensteen and RKC will go around the table to let the oral agreements be reviewed again.