Mexican cops break womans neck during arrest

In Mexico, a lot of fuss has arisen after social media footage of the arrest of a 36-year-old refugee from El Salvador. The woman broke her neck and did not survive the arrest by four policemen in the seaside town of Tulum on Saturday. โ€œShe was brutally treated and killed,โ€ said Mexican President Andrรฉs Manuel Lรณpez Obrador on Monday.

The footage shows how the woman lies on her stomach on the street next to a police car, with her hands tied behind her back. A police officer presses her knee on the back of the arrested man screaming out with pain. Later we can see cops put her motionless body on the back of a pickup truck.

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An autopsy shows that the woman broke two cervical vertebrae. The officers involved have been arrested and the police chief of Tulum has been fired. President Nayiz Bukele Ortez of El Salvador has called for severe penalties for those responsible.

The case also caused a stir because of the similarities with the death of George Floyd in May last year during his arrest in the United States. On footage, the white agent Derek Chauvin put his knee on the neck of the black Floyd for minutes. The criminal case against Chauvin started Monday in Minneapolis.