MGM studio wants to create more games based on film franchises

MGM Global Content Vice President Robert Marick spoke about the studios interest in games based on popular movies. MGM followed the success of Disney and Warner Bros. in this field โ€” features the company liked that games do not depend on the release of new movies and TV series, but could tell their own stories within the popular brand.

As the most successful example cited โ€œSpider-Manโ€ Insomniac Games. MGM allegedly wants to offer players โ€œmodernized nostalgiaโ€ when familiar elements are served in new Formate.

Among the titles the studio wants to turn into games: โ€œJames Bondโ€ โ€œBlonde in Lawโ€ โ€œPink Pantherโ€ โ€œAddams Familyโ€ โ€œRockyโ€ โ€œCreedโ€ โ€œRobocopโ€ โ€œStargateโ€ โ€œVikings: Valhallaโ€. Matthew Souzer, who used to work on interactive business development at MGM, points out that many of the topics mentioned above were absent from the video game world.

This, though, sounds pretty strange in the background of the release of the same Assassins Creed Valhalla. Some series have already started to turn into games โ€” hence the collaboration with IO Ineractive, who is creating a new Bond project.

Not long ago, the announcement of Robocops new game, Robocop: Rogue City. In addition, Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions comes out this week, and โ€œBlonde in Lawโ€ and โ€œPink Pantherโ€ will receive mobile projects based on the grounds.

MGM also reflects on the possibility of creating new games on โ€œSinister Dead: Army of Darknessโ€ and โ€œKiller Clowns from Spaceโ€. The last picture was not even thought of a year ago, but fan inquiries about Universals themed merchandising and attraction caused the authors to change the opinion of the authors.

Something similar happened to Robocop & mdash; after the character glimpsed Mortal Kombat, his popularity increased again. MGM does not make a fundamental distinction between platforms, but studio representatives say they want to create good products for which the popular brand is just a cake cake cake.

So, for example, they have turned to IO Ineractive. And in the future, too, plan to look for developers interested in the brands under discussion.

In addition, MGM does not oppose plans to integrate movie characters into existing games, if that makes sense โ€” as it did with the same Robok in MK. More on CCeit Chris Avellon asks Elon Musk to buy Fallout โ€” and will work on it for free Chris Avellon: Obsidians new Avowed game loses its creators Blizzard can release Overwatch 2 before the summer of 2022.