Miami collapsed flat is demolished, rescue shut down

At Miami, rescue workers shut down the search for missing people who are presumably buried under the debris of the collapsed apartment building. Preparations are now being made to demolish the remains of the unstable building before tropical storm reaches Elsa Florida.

Construction workers drill holes in the foundation to place explosives. That‘s a risky job: according to the fire brigade, there’s a chance that the building will collapse even while drilling. As a precaution, rescue workers have temporarily stopped the search. The rest of the flat may be shot down on Sundays.

Florida Governor DeSantis says it‘s wise to demolish the shaky building. โ€œThat will protect our search teams because we don’t know when the building might fall over. The gusts expected can cause a very dangerous situation.โ€

As soon as the building is demolished, the debris will be removed. The intention is to provide search teams access to the flat garage. It is expected that there are a lot of bodies there.

Last day, two more bodies were found in the rubble, which now puts the death toll at 24. 121 people are still missing.