Michael gets his mask ripped off in the final trailer of the movie “Halloween Kills”

Universal Pictures has unveiled the final trailer for the movie Halloween Kills — Michael Myers did not die in the fire and is now taking on the old. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) once again failed to stop the psychopath chasing her. Michael continues to kill, and he leaves his victims in places that lead straight to his old house.

Then the heroine decides to finish what she started and end Myers once and always. But Laurie is not the only one who has declared a maniac hunt — his deeds are suffering the whole city, and now he is ready to give He is rebuked.

In Russian cinemas, the film will be released on October 21 It was directed by David Gordon Green (The head teacher). It is known that a new part of the series will be released in 2022, presumably the final one — Halloween Ends.

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