Michael van Gerwen disenfranchised in the Premier League

Michael van Gerwen has been eliminated for the first time in history in the regular Premier League league. The five-time winner of the tournament lost Saturday night in Milton Keynes in a shocking way to Daryl Gurney: 8-2.

Since Van Gerwen entered the Premier League for the first time in 2013, he always at least made it to the finals, but that fantastic series came to an end in England. Earlier this week it already became clear that Van Gerwen would not close the regular league as number one for the first time. The blow of elimination will come much harder.

A matt-looking Van Gerwen let himself be led to the slaughter bench as happened earlier this week against Peter Wright. The reigning world champion wiped the Dutchman off the board: 8-1. These are blows that the best darter of the last few years in the recent past rarely had to take.

Van Gerwen immediately let it be known that there was nothing going on apart from sporty malheur. I was too busy with the other matches. I did this to myself. I just felt good. I just thought: this can happen, that can happen, sister can happen, he acknowledged at RTL 7. Normally I‘m not in that position. I just have to deal with myself. The focus wasn’t 100%, otherwise this wouldn‘t have happened. Now there’s nothing I can do about it. You have to move on. You want to finish well yourself, I didn‘t do that. It doesn’t feel like a failure

Missed an open opportunity

The 3-8 defeat of injured Gary Anderson against an unleashed Gerwyn Price (8-3) gave Van Gerwen a direct chance to throw himself into the playoffs, but his start was truly dramatic. Not a moment did the play-offs, which will be finished in London on 22 October, come in sight.

After three legs, the number one of the world did not get any further than an average of 73. Despite that, Van Gerwen still had plenty of chances to win a leg, but he came 3-0 behind. Also in the future Van Gerwen didn‘t come into play at all. When he was 6-0 behind, Van Gerwen took his first leg, but by then there was no saving. The Dutchman finished with a higher average than Gurney (91.74 at 91.04), but he doesn’t buy anything for that.