Microsoft: 10 principles of Windows 10 as a free and fair platform

Microsoft introduced the 10 principles of Windows 10 and its Microsoft Store as a free and fair platform. These principles were based on the ideas of the โ€œCoalition for Application Justiceโ€. Recall that the coalition founded Epic Games, Deezer, Spotify and other companies to fight against Apples monopoly on its own iOS operating system.

Developers will have the freedom to choose whether to distribute their Windows apps through our app store. We wont block competing app stores on Windows.

We will not block an application on Windows based on the developers business model or how it provides content and services, including whether content is installed on the device or transmitted from clouds. We will not block a Windows application based on the developers choice of payment system to process purchases made in his app.

We will provide developers with timely access to information about interoperability interfaces we use on Windows. Each developer will have access to our app store as long as it meets objective standards and requirements, including security, privacy, quality, content and digital security.

Our app store will charge a reasonable fee that reflects the competition we face from other app stores on Windows and will not force the developer to sell in his app something he doesnt want to sell. Our app store will not discourage developers from communicating directly with their users through their apps for legitimate business purposes.

With respect to our own apps, our app store will adhere to the same standards it adheres to competing applications. Microsoft will not use any non-public information or data from its app store about the developer app to compete with it.

Our app store will be transparent about its rules and policies, as well as opportunities for promotion and marketing, apply them consistently and objectively, provide notifications about changes and provide a fair dispute resolution process. Microsoft noted that there are already popular alternative stores on Windows 10, such as Steam and Epic Games Store, which give developers different terms and conditions and take different commissions from them.

However, these principles do not apply to another Microsoft platform, Xbox. The company notes that consoles on the market are significantly smaller than computers and phones.

In addition, consoles differ in a business model, as companies invest heavily in their development, but sell them at a loss or withminimum profit to create a market in which publishers and developers can benefit. Given these differences, Microsoft intends to do a lot of work to present the right set principles for consoles.

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