Microsoft announces wireless headset for Xbox and PC

Microsoft announced the Xbox Wireless Headset Wireless Headset for Xbox consoles, computers and mobile devices. This is an analogue of PlayStation headphones like Gold, 3D Pulse and Platinum – the novelty of Americans is in a similar price category. At the release of March 16, its cost will be 9599 rubles.

The headset supports the volumetric sound of the formats Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos, has a metal headband and holds up to 15 hours of charge in โ€œmode expectations. โ€ Charging takes about 3 hours.

The key difference from the same โ€œPulsesโ€ was the principle of connection – fully wireless communication without USB dangles: on the console for this purpose is used its frequency, and on PC and smartphones – Bluetooth. More at Disney CCeit showed the first poster of the prequel โ€œ101 Dalmatiansโ€ with Emma Stone Authors Metro: Exodus told about the reissue of the shooter and reitracing K Mech Mechanic Simulator release free prologue.