Microsoft at E3 2021 featured S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Starfield, Battlefield 2042 and Atomic Heart

Microsoft held a 90-minute conference at E3 2021, revealing a lot of exciting projects โ€” most of them will appear on Xbox Game Pass on the day you go out. Starfield will officially only release on Xbox Series and PC โ€” on other consoles don‘t expect the game. Release November 11, 2022.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive the game on the day they go out. The project will be the first game on Creation Engine 2.

S. T.

A. L.

K. E.

R. 2 has been subtitled Heart of Chernobyl and will be released on April 28, 2022.

The developers finally showed the first gameplay. Shooter will immediately appear in Xbox Game Pass.

T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

2 will be released on April 28, 2022 โ€” Gameplay TrailerBack 4 Blood from the creators of Left 4 Dead will officially enter Xbox Game Pass on release day 12 October. The creators of Just Cause from Avalanche Studios do co-op action Contraband.

With the start of season three (June 22), Sea of Thieves will add A Pirate’s Life story campaign with Jack Sparrow from โ€œPirates of the Caribbeanโ€ . Sea of Thieves will host a crossover with โ€œPirates of the Caribbeanโ€ Yakuza: Like a Dragon added to Xbox Game Pass.

Showed 3-minute gameplay trailer Battlefield 2042. Release 22 October.

BattleField 2042 received the gameplay trailerInteractive thriller 12 Minutes will be released on August 19 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. From release will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Psychonauts 2 will be released on August 25 on Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. From release in Xbox Game Pass.

Doom Eternal will be updated for PS5 and Xbox Series as early as June 29 โ€” let‘s have a rayracing mode and 120 FPS. In 2022 Fallout 76 players will go to a new location.

Hades get to Xbox, Game Pass, PS4 and PS5 as early as August 13. The author of Limbo and Inside introduced Somerville โ€” first the game will be released on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

From its release in 2022, it will be available in Game Pass. Somerville by one of Limbo’s contributors is released in 2022.

The debut show of the Halo Infinite shareware multiplayer โ€” the first season starts together with a story campaign in the fall. Unfortunately, the exact date is never named.

Fresh story trailer. Halo Infinite: a new story trailer and multiplayerRemake Diablo II will be released on September 23, and will go public in August testing โ€” you need a pre-order to access it.

The Diablo II remake will be released as early as September 23 โ€” a fresh trailer and screenshotsA Plague Tale will receive a sequel โ€” Requiem. Release in 2022 straight to Game Pass.

Announced sequel A Plague Tale with the subtitle RequieGameplay Far Cry 6 trailer featuring minor story catscenes. Release in early October.

Slime Rancher in 2022 will get a sequel โ€” it will immediately appear in Game Pass. Moscow Atomic Heart also climbed to Microsoft โ€” developers showed gameplay trailer under Mirage.

The shooter will appear in Game Pass with a release. In Atomic Heart‘s new trailer, the Mirage band Age of Empires IV will be released on October 28 on PC.

Game Pass. Age of Empires IV is released October 28.

Announced the most stylish Replaced. The 2022 release immediately in Game Pass.

The Outer Worlds 2 is really announced โ€” โ€œthe developers haven’t had time to do anything but come up with the name of the gameโ€ . Release once on Xbox Series and PC.

With release immediately in Game Pass. Announced by TheOuter Worlds 2.

The release โ€” immediately to Xbox Game PassMicrosoft Flight Simulator will be released on the Xbox Series in a month and a half โ€” July 27. Immediately into Game Pass.

In addition, developers are working on a supplement based on Top Gun. Forza Horizon 5 is set to Mexico โ€” release on November 9 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

Immediately in Game Pass. Forza Horizon 5 will be released on November 9.

This time, players will be sent to MexicoClosed conference novelty studio Arkane (Dishonored and Prey) โ€” unfortunately for fans of the team, Redfall is a network sandbox about vampires on survival. Just past the studio profile.

Release in summer 2022 on Xbox and PC. This is an exclusive.

Prey and Dishonored authors announce co-op vampire shooter RedFallLive.