Microsoft finished with Halo Wars 2 and has no plans to continue strategy

Studio 343 Industries, which is engaged in the development of the Halo universe, has no plans in any way to continue or expand the Halo Wars series of strategic spin-offs. Developers are not going to release fresh updates for the second part or take up any other Halo Wars โ€” whether it‘s a third part or another project in the subseries. It seems that the strategic subseries is frozen to the best times, and sales of the second part were not high enough.

It‘s not always easy to be open, especially when your answers go against the wishes of the community, but I want to be straightforward: 343 Industries have no plans to support Halo Wars 2, whether it’s content, balance patches, or release on other platforms. Also, the studio is not going to take up a new game in the series.

โ€ That is, in general, you should not expect even the release of Halo Wars 2 on Steam. But you should not be upset, because the plot of the second part of the strategy will partially continue in Halo Infinite, which should be released before the end of the year on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

However, 343 Industries notes that it is never worth saying never โ€” now there are no plans, but over time something may materialize. More on Gambling the All-Seeing Uncle Stรถp in the gameplay trailer Militsioner PS5 in January broke the American sales record from 2009 – NPD Authors Nier Replicant ver report.

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