Microsoft gave a PS5 and a copy of Deathloop to the actor who voiced the main character

Last week, actor Jason Kelly (who voiced the main character Deathloop) congratulated Arkane fans on the release, saying that if someone sent him a PS5 and a copy of the game, he would be recognized. Not know if it was irony or a real desire to play the game. However, Pete Hynes โ€” the marketing chief of Bethesda (owned by Microsoft), which acted as the shooters publisher, soon got in touch.

He said that he would try to help Kelly get a console and a copy of the game as โ€œhe deserved it all for his incredible actingโ€ . Later in an interview with JumpCutPlay, Jason noted that Deathloop along with the PS5 went to it.

We hope that Kelly will like her as much as we do. We also remind you that the technical state of the PC version has left much to be desired because of the bad optimization.

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