Microsoft has no intention of banning Bethesda from releasing games on PlayStation and Nintendo

Microsoft is not going to restrict Bethesda in choosing platforms for future releases of the company, however the corporation expects that on Xbox consoles these games will either be released earlier or there will be them better versions. Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stewart said at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference. โ€œWe want Bethesda products to be on our platforms at their very best.

Yeah, it‘s not about exclusivity. It is necessary to consider Game Pass.

We want these best versions in Game Pass so that they stimulate the growth of subscribers of the service through Bethesda. โ€ That is, most likely, the conditional The Elder Scrolls VI will appear on the Xbox either earlier than on PlayStation, either it will be the best version of the game.

And so with all future releases of the company. More on CCeit Photo: Today’s birthday at Johnny Silverend of Cyberpunk 2077 Randall Flagg threatens humanity in the new video โ€œConfrontationโ€ Look at the scores starting line of games for PS5 – everything is much better than 7 years ago for PS4.