Microsoft intends to take away rights to Minecraft trade mark in Russia

Microsoft intends to take away the rights to the Minecraft trade mark in Russia. This is reported by RBK. Microsoft and Mojang filed a lawsuit against LLC โ€œCityโ€, which patented the brand in 2014, and asked the court for early termination of legal protection of the trademark Minecraft in in connection with its disusing.

Microsoft has the exclusive right to Minecraft, after buying Mojang for $2. 5 billion in 2014.

However, the company cannot register the trademark in Russia while its legal protection for โ€œCityโ€ is in force. After the publication of the material RBC managed to contact the representative of production « Kolomenskoye milkโ€, which reported that LLC โ€œCityโ€ was created to register trade signs.

The company offered Microsoft to produce dairy drinks under the brand Minecraft, but received no response and applied for trademark registration. The representative also added that in 2016 the McKinsey consulting company on behalf of Microsoft demanded to cede the trademark.

About the lawsuit Microsoft the milk manufacturer learned from RBC and is ready to refuse trademark, if the court requires it. A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment.

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