Microsoft: ‘Russian hackers are stirring up Trump and Biden campaigns’

Hackers with links to Russia, China and Iran are spying on people and groups involved in the US presidential elections. Microsoft has discovered this.

According to the tech giant, the same Russian group of hackers that also hacked Hillary Clinton’s Democratic campaign in 2016 is on the rampage. Both President Trump’s campaign and that of challenger Joe Biden are targets of the hacking attempts.


In total, the Strontium group is said to have more than 200 organisations with links to both the Democrats and the Republicans. “As in 2016, Strontium is collecting people’s login data and compromising their accounts,” says Microsoft executives Tom Burt.

Furthermore, Chinese hackers are said to have targeted people linked to Joe Baden’s campaign, while Iranian hackers were targeting people from the Trump camp. Most of the attacks would have failed.

Microsoft emphasises once again that people and organisations involved in the presidential elections must monitor their data.