Microsoft to pay even more attention to games

Microsoft has presented reporters with an hour-long appeal on video game development, where Xbox chief Phil Spencer and corporation chief Satya Nadella talk about their plans for the industry. We chose the main thing from the told by managers: Microsoft will continue to buy new studios to expand Game Pass; Game Pass may have a cheaper version of the subscription; Until the end of the year, cloud services integrate into Xbox and PC – games from Game Pass can be run on consoles and computers without downloading games (only in regions with xCloud support); Xbox app will start appearing on TVs — thanks to it xCloud will appear on TV; Beta xCloud for browsers will appear in the coming weeks; By the end of the year xCloud will launch in Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Australia. Microsoft wants to achieve a stable release of their own games – at least once every 3 months.

Along with this, Phil Spencer has partly underpinned Sony, which releases its PC games on a delay. Right now, were the only platform that releases games simultaneously on consoles, computers, and in the cloud.

Others release their console games on PC later, not only forcing to buy a console under them, but also demanding to pay for the same game twice. More on CCeit New adventure begins in the release trailer Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart media: Mandalorets will not be back until the second half of 2022 Roskomnadzor fined streamings for lack of tags about the harm of smoking.