Microsoft wants to make Steam and Epic Games Store part of its new Windows store

Microsoft assures that the future Windows 11 is for gamers, and games are a crucial part of what the company does at all. And for the new version, a completely redesigned Microsoft Store. As you know, Microsoft will be able to see games and apps for Android โ€” and those will run on the new Windows.

In addition, all developers who decide to add their games to the store will be promised to reduce their payout percentage from 30% to 12%, and those with their own payment system will keep all 100% of their income at all. in an interview with The Verge head of Windows and Devices Panos Panay, the company wants other app stores to become part of the new Windows store, notably Steam and Epic Games Store.

Windows already supports these stores in many ways, and if we can host them through Microsoft Store, we will definitely do so. Of course, if others want to use our site, they will be welcome.

In particular, for the sake of this we are developing a number of new rules. I really want to make it possible to go into the store, type the name of any app and get what is required.

Panos Panaypoca that doesnt explain what it would look like for Steam and other stores. In the case of Android apps, Microsoft simply shows the Amazon store range by contacting it.

Probably under the same scenario, Steam integration is planned: without directly hosting apps and games in the Microsoft store. More on Sniper Ghost Warrior Authors Gaming: Contracts 2 accused of racism and Islamophobia Marvel published new trailer for Windows Shan-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 11 wont support many popular processors.