Microsofts new patent will allow creation of bots with personalities of deceased people

The portal The Independent drew attention that Microsoft had obtained a patent allowing it to create bots that mimic the behaviour of deceased people. In potential, artificial intelligence will be able to process various information about a person, including photos, voice images, social media posts and messages, creating a virtual avatar as a result. The bot will then simulate a user‘s behavior through voice commands and text chats.

But this is not limited to the corporation’s plan โ€” it has proposed creating a 2D or 3D model of a person using images, videos and more details about his identity. As a result, such a bot can behave as much as possible as a person, even if he has already gone from life.

In theory, one can even create bots based on historical personalities, celebrities and so on. The idea of such a patent instantly reminded many of the episode from the second โ€œBlack Mirrorโ€ called โ€œComing Back Soonโ€, where Hayley Atwell and Donal Gleeson played.

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