Midautumn bagels taken out on Kickstarter

As promised by the makers of an adventure bagel about the Asian diaspora, gentrification and supernatural phenomena, Midautumn came out on Kickstarter. The game needs to raise $30,000 to succeed, and it has another 32 days. So far, the campaign can‘t boast a phenomenal success.

The first day only managed to get about $11,000. But two hundred contributors have already shown interest in the game.

And the creators will be able to gain new fans thanks to the Steam demo released in Midautumn, we’ll get the role of a college graduate, Robin Lam. He doesn‘t know what to do, and for now he arrives in a cozy Asian town in California to his grandmother’s.

And it turns out to be the guardian of the secret entry into the world of spirit. Players have to explore the city, get to know its inhabitants and help them fight back those who wish to turn an old Asian town into faceless modern settlement for the rich.

And we‘ll also have to visit the other world regularly and fight evil spirits there, who will surely remember their defeat and try to get revenge. More on PUBG creator’s Prologue Game – More Technodemic Than Regular Game Circulation of Disgaea Series Games Exceeds 5 Million Creepy Adventure Children of Silentown comes out in the beginning 2022.