Midautumn to talk about Asian diasporas struggle against gentrification

An independent team of game designers, almost all of whom are awarded various awards, announced a new project: an action movie with elements of the Midautumn bagel. The creators took the main themes of the Asian diaspora, saving the city from gentrification and fighting evil spirits. The main character, Roibn Lam, graduated from college, but he has no purpose in life.

He ends up settling with his grandmother in a fictional cosy town in California. And she opens him a mystery: in her basement is hidden the entrance to the world of spirits, and Robin is intended to become his guardian.

Midautumn gameplay resembles a mixture of Hades and Butterfly Soup. The hero is able to take away power from evil spirits and use it against them.

But they will certainly remember it and the next time they will prepare better. In the break between fights Robin will be able to study the city, get acquainted with its inhabitants, make friendship with them and find out what really happens in this quiet town.

As well as prevent rich citizens from moving to the old Asian town and build luxury condominiums, health food stores and fashionable bars. The release of the game is planned for the end of 2022.

But for starters, Midautumn are going to take out on Kickstarter. The developers do not yet report about the timing of the campaign.

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