Miffy shows up with beak in Chinese exhibition, publisher angry

The publisher of Dick Brunas creation Miffy is disgruntled by an exhibition by the Chinese artist Feng Feng. It stuck a beak on the fictional rabbit and is now exhibiting with it in the multimillion-city of Guangzhou.

Mercis Publishing believes that the artist has gone too far. โ€œThis is much more than inspired by , they are exactly the same images but with a beak instead of a cross,โ€ says Director Marja Kerkhof. โ€œAnd it is not someone who sits in an attic room, it is a professor who is familiar with the art world and can know that the images are copyrighted.โ€

Fans outraged.

Miffy has been a well-known character in China for many years. Cemetery received many messages after the opening of the exhibition. โ€œFrom publishers, but also from consumers. Fans who were outraged.โ€ The publisher sent artist Feng Feng a letter, alerting him to plagiarism.

Feng Feng says in Chinese media hes not doing anything wrong. According to him, โ€œcommercial symbols belong to public knowledge and informationโ€. According to RTV Utrecht, Feng Feng has been working for decades with the concept of rabbit duck, an optical illusion that resembles a duck or rabbit, depending on how you turn the image.

Publisher Cemetery now says to await the answer of Feng Feng. โ€œAs far as it is satisfactory, we will take further steps.โ€ According to her, it happens more often that the statue of Miffy is used by third parties. โ€œWe dont always get into action, but this is too big to pass.โ€