Migrants are allowed to wait for asylum application in the US under the Biden Administration

The Biden administration wants tens of thousands of migrants who are now waiting for their asylum applications in Mexico to enter the United States. We are talking about 25,000 people who have already applied for asylum in the US, but the Trump administration was previously unable to enter the country.

They will be gradually left over the border from next week. That happens at three border points. There they must be registered and tested for the coronavirus. Several hundred asylum seekers can be passed through a day. Where they are allowed to cross the border has not been disclosed. The authorities want to prevent migrants from rushing to the three points.

With the plan, President Biden undoes an important point in Trumps anti-migration policy. By making asylum seekers on the border with Mexico wait for the ruling in their asylum procedure, former President Trump hoped to deter migrants. The asylum procedure sometimes takes months or years.

Under the so-called stay in Mexico policy, tens of thousands of asylum seekers were also sent back to Mexico. They often ended up in tent camps. A court ruled last year that the policy was contrary to rules on migrant rights.