Migrants rescued off Zeebrugge coast

24 migrants have been rescued off the Belgian coast. They had called the emergency services themselves, because their rubber boat had been bobbing steerless in the North Sea for two days.

Belgian media write that five on board are undercooled, of whom a serious. They flew to Zeebrugge by helicopter and transferred to a hospital. The nineteen others were brought to the Zeebrugge naval base on a patrol ship from the Belgian Navy.

Several boats were deployed in the rescue. Finally, the migrants boat was found near a wind farm at sea, about 40 kilometres off the coast of Zeebrugge.

The boat was drifted after the engine failed, says the chief of service of the shipping police against the Belgian newspaper HLN. The onboard had no more food or drinks.

According to Belgian media, 22 men and 2 women were in the boat. Their nationality has not been disclosed.