Milan plane crash: ‘Billionaire with wife and son among victims’

In Italy, a small private plane crashed on a vacant building just outside Milan on Sunday, local authorities report. All eight occupants were killed in the process. One of the victims was a child, Italian media reports.

The plane was headed from Milan to the island of Sardinia. The cause of the plane crash is not yet known.

All occupants would have died in the crash. According to the Italian newspaper La Republica, the pilot, a crew member and six passengers, including a child.

Romanian businessman

According to Italian media, the aircraft was driven by Romanian businessman Dan Petrescu (68). The victims included his wife (65) and a son (30). The other victims have yet to be identified, but there would be a young child.

With an estimated capital of EUR 3 billion, Petrescu, who is also a German national, was one of Romanias richest people. He was the head of a large construction group and owned large supermarkets and shopping malls.


Eyewitnesses tell local media that they were rocked by a loud hiss and a hard bang, the explosion that caused crash. A man who saw everything happen says that the plane didnt make any noticeable maneuvers, but he thinks he saw a burning engine. Other local residents also reported that one of the aircrafts engines caught fire and that the aircraft then plunged down in a submerge.

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11 minutes

The roof top crash and part of the propertys facade immediately caused a massive fire. As for miracle, it is an office building where renovation works take place and is completely vacant, so there were no casualties.

Its not yet clear how the plane crash, a Pilate PC-12, could happen. It crashed barely 11 minutes after takeoff, which may indicate acute engine problems. At present, emergency services are mass on site. โ€œThe blow was devastating,โ€ says Carlo Cardinali of the Milanese Fire Brigade to the news agency Ansa. โ€œFor now, we have only been able to find one body.โ€