Military regime Myanmar banned from Facebook and Instagram

The military regime of Myanmar will no longer be able to use Facebook immediately. Also, it will be banned from Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

According to Facebook, the military has been abusing the platform since it committed a coup in Myanmar on February 1. โ€œEvents since then, including lethal violence, are the reason for this exile. We think the risk is too great to allow the army to use Facebook and Instagram.โ€

Facebook also decided today to stop accepting ads from companies linked to the Tatmadaw, as the army of Myanmar is called. To determine which companies they are, Facebook uses a list drawn up by the UN in 2019.

If the army posted disinformation or otherwise violated the guidelines, the action was already taken, says Facebook. On February 11, Facebook announced that it only allowed messages from the Tatmadaw to a limited extent.

Protests stick to

A few days after the coup d‘รฉtat, the military regime blocked access to Facebook. On this social medium, citizens initiated protests.

Every day thousands of people go out to the streets to protest against the coup d’รฉtat. The army regularly intervenes with force.