Militia leader sentenced to 53 years in prison for Minneapolis mosque bombing

A leader of a US militant group has been sentenced to 53 years in prison for a mosque bombing near Minneapolis in 2017. 50-year-old Emily Claire Hari, formerly Michael Hari, was found guilty in December for the attack on the Dar al-Farooq Islamic Centre, where mostly Somali immigrants attend the service.

On August 5, 2017, Hari set off a pipe bomb at the mosque when believers were in the building for morning prayer. Nobody got hurt. โ€œDiversity is the strength of this country,โ€ says the judge. โ€œAnyone who doesnt understand that doesnt understand this countrys constitutional promise that brings many people here.โ€

The judge called the attack initiated by Hari โ€œhighly advancedโ€ and called the act domestic terrorism. Together with two accomplices, Hari drove from Illinois, a state southeast of Minneapolis, to the mosque for the attack. That was a half mile ride, which took them two days.

Womens Prison

Prosecutors previously named Hari the leader of a militia who calls himself The White Rabbits. The two accomplices would have been recruited. The three were arrested in 2018. โ€œHari tried to terrorize an entire community of faith. The verdict makes it clear that such hate-fueled terror will not be tolerated,โ€ a prosecutor said.

At the time of the attack, Hari was known as Michael Hari. She said she was transgender at the end of August. The judge said he was willing to send Hari to a womens prison but stressed that the overarching prison body must decide that.