Milling doesnt want to appear in front of CCEIT camera, Sneijder suggests

Wesley Sneijder and Theo Janssen are looking for causes for the total decline of the Dutch team. National coach Frank de Boer gets criticism, but the circumstances are also pointed out.
Hockey coach Marc Lammers is crazy that the Dutch team did not go to Budapest before, so players could get used to the warm conditions. Sneijder doesn‘t join that. โ€œThat’s always retrospective and has been happening for a hundred years. It‘s no excuse,โ€ says Sneijder at the CCEit. โ€œFor those guys everything is all set up and running. The only difference may be the temperature, but here it has been over thirty degrees for days too. So if we start pouring about that now, no.โ€

Unbelievable that you’re only travelling to Hungary 24 hours before the race when conditions (heat) are so different. It makes sense that they have lamb, slum and heavy legs.
โ€” Marc Lammers (@MarcLammers) June 27, 2021

The change of Donyell Milling is also noted as a possible cause. The attacker was dangerous, but was taken to the side after an hour. According to De Boer, Malen couldn‘t play more than an hour. โ€œThat’s ridiculous too,โ€ says Janssen. โ€œIf you see that he pulled a sprint almost the goal in the 60th minute, you can‘t say he was tired, right? I think he could have played the game. It was the most dangerous man on the side of the Netherlands, the other boys didn’t hit a marble. It would have made more sense to take out Wijnaldum. Even Memphis was more likely to change than Malen.โ€
The CCEIT analysts called the change โ€œa Lawyer,โ€ in reference to the change Dick Advocaat made in 2004: Arjen Robben for Paul Bosvelt. โ€œIt didn‘t work out well, so it’s a blunder. You can list it in the same list,โ€ says Sneijder. โ€œMilling was the most dangerous with us. He wasn‘t that dangerous either, but it was the most dangerous. I’m curious about his own explanation whether he could only play sixty minutes. Maybe that‘s why he didn’t come in front of the camera.โ€
Decceit wanted to interview Memphis Depay and Malen, but both players beat off.