Million People at Celebrating Pride Parade in London

In central London, more than a million people have visited the jubilating Pride parade. It was the fiftieth edition of the LGBTI rights march and the first Pride since the coronavirus outbreak.

Never before did so many people travel through the city. More than 30,000 people participated, including participants in the first British Pride parade in 1972, when a few hundred people came to the trek and the police were on their feet en masse.

Today‘s journey went from Hyde Park to Whitehall Palace, in the government district. Participants wore face paint, glitter, jewelry and other colorful decorations. There were also performances by world stars such as Ava Max and Emeli Sande. A group of Ukrainians also walked along to draw attention to the war.

Prominent politicians also participated, such as Labour leader Starmer and Mayor Khan of London. He warned that the LGBTI community is still facing dangers. Among other things, he referred to the act of terror in Oslo.

โ€œLast week, we saw another attack in Oslo a few hours before the parade,โ€ Khan said. โ€œDiscrimination, prejudice and violence are still a danger to this community. Today, we’re walking to an open, inclusive world that accepts everyone.โ€

Officers walked along today in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the police. This was the case in previous editions. The organization had asked London police not to send a delegation, as there is a great deal of dissatisfaction within the LGBTI community about the investigation into the murders of four young gay men by serial killer Stephen Port.