Millions of Americans on the brink of abyss, politically disagree over support

After eight months of negotiation, the Democrats and Republicans agreed in the US Congress on Monday on a new Corona Support package. But President Donald Trump is now refusing to sign the agreement. He believes that there are too many agreements in the package that have nothing to do with corona and that Americans should receive much more money than the agreed โ€œridiculously lowโ€ amount of $600 per person.

Indeed, the new package includes all kinds of arrangements to satisfy both sides. From tax deductions for boat owners to new national museums on Latino Americans and womens history. But by far the most important thing for most Americans are the one-off $600 that everyone gets and the $300 a week for the unemployed. The amounts are half of what Americans received in the spring, but then the whole country was locked.

Trump is now demanding $2,000 hand of contact per person, an amount that the Democrats will like but Trumps own Republicans think is far too high. If the president and the congressmen disagree, more than 12 million unemployed will lose their benefits the day after Christmas. They then threaten to be unable to pay their rental, gas and electricity bills and have to knock at the food bank.

People suffer hunger

The need is therefore high, and this is felt throughout the United States. In northern Michigan, the queues for food banks have grown steadily over the past few weeks. โ€œWe see people weve never seen before and people we havent seen in a long time,โ€ says Jean Beethem from the food bank of a church in Cheboygan. โ€œPeople are hungry.โ€

One of the regular volunteers at the food bank is 46-year-old David Martin. Hes one of the so-called working arms. Hes got a part-time job, but the income isnt enough to make a living. That is why he is receiving an additional benefit. He threatens to lose it on Christmas Day, due to the expiry of the first support package. โ€œAnd that while the pandemic is still there. Im worried its no longer a priority now that theres a vaccine. People still suffer. Day in and day out.โ€

The latest population survey conducted by the Census Bureau shows that over 27% of Americans are regularly short of food, while 85% say they are unable to pay their bills regularly.

According to Professor Luke Shaefer of the University of Michigan, Congress set up a revolutionary social safety net in the spring for American notions. People who had never been able to get benefits before, they have now. โ€œThink of construction workers, cleaners, freelancer; anyone without a standard employment contract could get a benefit. But they are likely to fall out of the boat again.โ€

The professor of poverty reduction advocates a more permanent form of welfare provision. First of all, with child benefit so that families always have a safety net.

But not all Americans in heavy weather are waiting for such permanent support. Todd Anderson, for example. A week and a half ago, his unemployment benefit stopped, which he received since the beginning of the summer because he lost his job as a landscape architect. Until then, he lived his life; he had a beautiful house, bought a new car every two years and traveled a lot.

Now Todd has to turn every dime. Also because his wife left him and entrusted him with the care of their four children. At his kitchen table in Mackinaw City, he sits over his bills. โ€œAfter I lost my job all I had left was a cabin in the woods, which I wanted to make a summer cottage for rent. So it seemed that four children, the dog and I would have to spend the winter in a non-insulated cabin. Fortunately, the community came to the rescue.โ€

A local policeman is now renting out his second home to the Anderson family. โ€œThe community has kept us afloat, not the government. That new incentive package theyre talking about? I dont even think Im eligible for that,โ€ says Todd, while he dresses his children up thick to look up the fresh air for a hike.

The Andersons now live a 45-minute drive from the border with Canada, where anyone who loses their jobs due to the pandemic is entitled to a benefit of $2,000 a month. But the Americans honor doesnt allow Todd to be jealous of that.

โ€œ No, I want to get back on my own feet as soon as possible. We did not create this situation, life happens to you sometimes.โ€