“Millions of coronadodes in India, not hundreds of thousands”

In India, several millions of people have probably died of corona infection since the beginning of the pandemic, American researchers say. They estimate coronadodes at 3.4 to 4.7 million. That‘s ten times more than what’s now assumed. India has 1.3 billion inhabitants.

The researchers reviewed overmortality rates. They counted far more deaths than they were on average before the pandemic broke out. Not all deaths have determined the exact cause of death.

The corona pandemic is the worst humanitarian disaster that has happened to India since its independence in 1947, the researchers at the Center for Global Development say.

The death toll has been strongly sustained in recent months due to the delta variant of the virus, which was first detected in India last December. It spreads faster than previously discovered variants.

Defective registration of numbers

The official death toll in India is now 415,000. This puts the country behind the United States (609,000 deaths) and Brazil (542,000 deaths).

But the official death toll needs to be revised considerably upwards, American researchers say. It‘s probably going to be in the few millions, not the hundreds of thousands. The researchers say it’s hard to name exact numbers, but it‘s clear that the official 415,000 death toll cannot be true.

The death toll in India has long been questioned. According to international researchers, misinformation is not deliberately revealed, but the figures are not entirely due to poor registration systems in the overloaded Indian healthcare system.

It’s going well in India right now, says correspondent Aletta André. On a population of 1.3 billion, we have 30,000 infections a day and also a low number of deaths. But not everyone has been vaccinated yet, there are new easing and a new virus variant has emerged.