Minister Adriaansens: ‘Entrepreneurs support package must be arranged in November’

“Around November, a support package for entrepreneurs must be arranged,” says Micky Adriaansens, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate in Nieuwsuur.

According to the minister, just like for households, it was not possible to come up with a plan to support entrepreneurs on Prinsjesdag. “We want to help in a targeted manner,” says the Adriaansens. To do so, she needs the help of energy companies to gain insight into consumption. This varies greatly from company to company.

In particular, she wants to support energy-intensive SMEs. As an example, she mentions bakers, garden centres and saunas. “I am very concerned about that group of SMEs,” says the minister. This group also has to deal with increased corporate tax, rents that go up, higher wages and sometimes also with a corona debt.

Nevertheless, the cabinet “cannot come unbridled” with support, as with corona, says Adriaansens. “That can have a disruptive effect in the long term.”

The minister does not seem to like making big companies pay more to help small entrepreneurs. “We also want to maintain an interesting business climate for the Netherlands,” she says.

‘Took a long’

Not only do entrepreneurs have to be patient, but the energy ceiling presented this Tuesday was also long in coming, according to opposition parties and critical citizens, far too long.

Adriaansens understands that people who are struggling think it took too long for measures to be announced: “I can imagine these people thinking: why is nothing happening?”

“We have done a lot before, but we need to show that better,” adds the minister, who wants to learn from it.