Minister De Jonge loses more than 2 billion in health care bonuses

The Ministry of Health has lost more than EUR 2 billion in bonuses for health personnel. This is evident from the budget, which was submitted to the House of Representatives today. First, healthcare personnel receive a bonus of 1,000 euros, later another 500. The extra amounts are a way of thanking the healthcare sector for its extra efforts during the corona crisis.

Minister De Jonge expects the majority of staff to receive the bonus of 1,000 euros before Christmas. But he cannot guarantee that for everyone. He may not be able to do so in a number of cases. In his view, this is a complex operation which, moreover, must be carried out with care. Employers will be able to submit applications from 1 October.

The second bonus will be paid next year. De Jonge is thinking about the first half of next year.

The figures also show that the corona crisis is expected to cost an extra EUR 6.7 billion this year and next year in health care expenditure. The total healthcare expenditure will be around โ‚ฌ90 billion next year.