Minister insists, corona or not, on opening Lelystad Airport

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen is not planning to cancel the opening of Lelystad Airport because of the corona crisis. The Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management believes that the current crisis and the decline in air traffic are no reason to put a stop to her plans. “Aviation has collapsed considerably, but we shouldn’t take the current situation as the measure of things,” she said in the Lower House.

Opposition parties GroenLinks, SP and the Party for the Animals believe that the Cabinet should stop now with the plan to allow holiday flights from Schiphol to land and depart from Lelystad in the province of Flevoland in the future. The opening has already been postponed four times for various reasons, such as the nitrogen crisis.


The question now is whether an extra airport will be necessary if there is much less flying due to the corona crisis. The minister says that it is impossible to predict how aviation will develop after the corona crisis. Schiphol has also not yet had any reports from airlines that have waived their landing rights, called slot. “We are not going to change the long-term policy on the basis of crisis policy”, says the minister.

Lelystad Airport is scheduled to open in November 2021.