Minister intervenes team that had to tackle serious crime

Justice of Security Minister Yesilgöz intervenes with the Multidisciplinary Intervention Team (MIT), the new team that should have tackled the undermining crime. Two and a half years after the creation of MIT by its predecessor Grapperhaus, she decided that the team will have a different name and fewer tasks.

The organization continues under the name National Cooperation against Subverting Crime (NSOC) and is no longer tasked with arresting criminals and rolling up their networks with accomplices. That task remains entirely in the hands of services such as the police and the public prosecutor.

Instead, according to Yesilgöz, the NSOC must share information and devise new methods to disrupt criminal structures and their revenue models.

Critical from the start

In 2019, after the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum, Grapperhaus decided to set up a new organization to deal a serious blow to organized crime. In that team, which would consist of 400 people, the police, the prosecution, the FIOD, the customs authorities, the tax authorities, the Royal Military Police and other parts of the Defence had to work together.

From the outset, this led to a lot of criticism, including among the trade unions and the relevant services themselves. Complaints were about an unclear division of responsibilities. It was also said that the new organization would be at the expense of the clout of the participating services. MIT would buy the best people away from the services by offering higher salaries.

Especially talking

Yesilgöz points to that criticism in her decision. She also states that little has taken off in two and a half years and that there was mainly talk. It is time to achieve concrete results, because organized crime has gained too much ground lately, according to the minister.

She still sees added value for the renamed team, when it gets to work with a new focus. The organization is given eighteen months to prove its usefulness. After that, the newly deployed method is evaluated and assessed for results.